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Recently, Mighty Car Mods (MCM) teamed up with Concept Paints for the big MCM reveal, fully funded by viewers and aided by Concept Paints, the vehicle was completely stripped down and repainted at the Concept Paints head office facilities in Sydney.

Mighty Car Mods has over 3,200,000 viewers from all over the world. Concept Paints was proud to be a sponsor of this very successful project.

Concept Paints made for the tough Aussie conditions.


Video #1: Preparing the vehicle for the painting process at Concept Paints, Sydney!


Video #2: The finished product...



The Mighty Car Mods show car and friends at the Sydney 2010 Auto Salon in Sydney, proud to be showing off the super paint job, thanks to the help and support of Concept Paints.


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