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Adhesion Promoters and 2K hardeners.

Rust Conditioners

Code Description TDS SDS
A02D/LRM LIGHT RUST & METAL CONDITIONER 1LT,4LT, Light Rust & Metal conditioner Light Rust and Metal Conditioner

Hardeners & Additives

A04C/UNIM Universal Hardener (MS) Uni-Hardener (MS) Fast
A04C/UNIM Universal Hardener (MS) Uni-Hardener (MS) Super Fast
A04C/UNIM Universal Hardener (MS) Uni-Hardener (MS) Normal
A04C/UNIM Universal Hardener (MS) Uni-Hardener (MS) Slow
A04C/2KECC 2 PACK ACCELERATOR 1LT 2 Pack Accelerator 2 Pack Accelerator
A04C/307HARD1 307 ISO FREE HARDENER (4:1) 1LT Unicolour 300 System 307 Iso Free Hardener
A04C/ISOPHARD1 ISO FREE PRIMER HARDENER 1LT Iso Free 2K Primer Iso Free Primer Hardener
A04C/SILIC SILICONE DROPS 25ml Silicone Drops Iso Free Primer Hardener
A04C/PRIMH PRIMER HARDENER NORMAL - FAST 250ml, 1LT HS 2K Primer (High Build) Primer Hardener Fast
A04C/EPOXYHARD EPOXY HARDENER 250ml, 1LT 2K Epoxy Primer (Urethane) Epoxy Hardener
A04C/6MINMUL 6 MINUTE CLEAR MULTI PANEL HARDENER 250ml, 1LT 6 Minute Clear 6 Minute Clear Panel Hardener
A04C/6MINPAN 6 MINUTE PANEL HARDENER 250ml, 1LT 6 Minute Clear 6 Minute Clear Panel Hardener
A04C/4:1 4:1 HARDENER 1LT Unicolour 600 IND Solid System 4-1 Hardener
A04C/PRIMHINF1 INFRA-RED PRIMER HARDENER 1LT Infra-Red Primer Hardener Infra-Red Primer Hardener
A04C/MS22 MS-22 HARDENER-NORMAL- SLOW- FAST- EXTRA FAST 500ml, 2.5LT MS-22 2K Clear MS-22 Hardener Normal
A04C/MS50P MS 50 PANEL HARDENER 250ml,1LT MS-50 Panel Clear MS-50 Panel Hardener
A04C/HS55 HS-55E HARDENER 500ml, 2.5LT HS-55 E 2K Clear HS-55 E Hardener
A04C/CAP (C.A.P) CONCEPT ADHESION PROMOTER 1L,4LT C.A.P Concept Adhesion Promoter C.A.P. Concept Adhesion Promoter
A04C/BBLEND (B.B.C) BASECOAT BLEND CONTROL 1LT,4LT Basecoat Blend Control Basecoat Blend Control
AO4C/EP41 EP41 EPOXY PRIMER HARDENER 1LT,4LT, EP41 Epoxy Primer EP41 Primer Hardener
A04C/SC SPEED CLEAR HARDENER 250ML, 1LT Speed Clear Speed Clear
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