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Code Description TDS SDS
A08C/2KTHS 2 PACK THINNER - SLOW 1LT,4LT,20LT,60LT, 2K Thinner 2K Thinner Slow
A08C/2KTHIN 2 PACK THINNER - STD 1LT,4LT,20LT,60LT, 2K Thinner 2K Thinner
A08C/2KTHF 2 PACK THINNER - FAST 1LT,4LT,20LT,60LT, 2K Thinner 2K Thinner Fast
A08C/2KTHIU UNIVERSAL 2K THINNER 1LT,4LT,20LT,60LT, Universal 2K Thinner Universal 2K Thinner
A08C/BCTHIN BASECOAT REDUCER 1LT,4LT,20LT,60LT, Basecoat Reducer Basecoat Reducer
A08C/BCTHINS SLOW BASECOAT REDUCER 1L,4L,20L, Basecoat Reducer Slow-Basecoat Reducer
A08C/WG WAX & GREASE REMOVER 1LT,4LT,20LT,60LT, Wax & Grease Remover Wax & Grease Remover
A08K/WG2K 2K WAX & GREASE REMOVER 1LT,4LT,20LT,60LT, 2K Wax & Grease Remover 2K Wax & Grease Remover
A08C/GUNWASH GUNWASH 20LT Not Applicable (not available) Gun Wash
A08C/ACE ACETONE 20LT,60LT,200LT Not Applicable (not available) Acetone
A08C/ACR ACRYLIC THINNER 1LT,4LT,20LT,60LT, Acrylic Thinner Acrylic Thinner
A08C/ENA ENAMEL THINNER 20LT,60LT,200LT Enamel Thinner Enamel Thinner
A08C/FADT FADEOUT THINNER 1LT,4LT Fadeout Thinner Fadeout Thinner
A08C/MT MULTI-THINNER 1LT,4LT,20LT,60LT, Multi-Thinner Multi-Thinner
A08C/RET RETARDER THINNER 1LT,4LT,20LT,60LT, Retarder Thinner Retarder Thinner
A08C/NM NM REDUCER 1LT,4LT,20LT, NM Reducer NM Reducer
A08C/NMS SLOW NM REDUCER 1LT,4LT,20LT, NM Reducer NM Reducer Slow
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