Del Anselmo and Jane Liao both work in the Concept Paints Quality Control Laboratory and celebrate their success as women in STEM.  


Del Anselmo

Del completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering and began working within the Textile industry and the Paints and Coatings industry. Del chose to study in the Chemical Engineering field as it gave her an opportunity to work within the Manufacturing industry. As Chemical Engineering covers a broad area of study, individuals that are interested in maths and sciences can obtain the degree and pursue a career in the industry sector, research and development or the academe, to name a few.


Jane Liao

Jane completed a Bachelor degree in Biotechnology and has worked within the Paints and Coating industry for 10 years. By studying Science, Jane was given the opportunity to work within the Quality Control Laboratory and partake in a range of interesting experiments. As STEM covers an extensive field, it enables individuals the chance to achieve their own goals and develop and strengthen their careers in the research and development and industry field.