Plastic Additives

Our Plastic Additives are designed for use on bumper bars and plastic substrates with quick-drying properties and excellent flexibility. Please see the Safety Data Sheets below on our Plastic Additives range.
A03D/BUMPP 1K Bumper Bar Primer  1K Bumper Bar Primer SDS
AU48170000001 1K Bumper Bar - Black  1K Bumper Bar - Black SDS
AU16362000001 1K Bumper Bar - Grey 1K Bumper Bar - Grey SDS
AU02690000.50 Flex Additive (Acrylic)  Flex Additive (Acrylic) SDS
AU02790000.50 2K Flex Additive 2K Flex Additive SDS
AU16490000.50 Plastic Primer  Plastic Primer SDS
AU16590000001 Low VOC Plastic Primer  Low VOC Plastic Primer SDS
AU16480000001 Plastic Primer (Silver)  Plastic Primer (Silver) SDS
AU48570000004 2K Bumper Bar Paint Black  2K Bumper Bar Paint Black SDS
AU48560240004 2K Bumper Bar EA Grey  2K Bumper Bar EA Grey SDS
AU48560250004 2K Bumper Bar VN Grey  2K Bumper Bar VN Grey SDS
AU40670020001 Acrylic Satin Black  Acrylic Satin Black SDS
AU40660240001 Acrylic Satin EA Grey Acrylic Satin EA Grey SDS
AU40660250001 Acrylic Satin VN Grey Acrylic Satin VN Grey SDS
AU48370000001 1K Bumper Texture Black  1K Bumper Texture Black SDS
AU16262000004 HS Bar 2K Primer Grey  HS Bar 2K Primer Grey SDS
AU16292000001 Bar Primer Hardener (4:1)  Bar Primer Hardener (4:1) SDS
AU02890000001 Antistatic Cleaner (Plastic)  Antistatic Cleaner (Plastic) SDS
AU02990000001 Antistatic Cleaner (Low VOC)  Antistatic Cleaner (Low VOC) SDS
AU49590000004 COB Binder COB Binder SDS