Plastic Additives

Our Plastic Additives are designed for use on bumper bars and plastic substrates with quick-drying properties and excellent flexibility. Please see the Safety Data Sheets below on our Plastic Additives range.
A03D/BUMPP 1K Bumper Bar Primer  1K Bumper Bar Primer SDS
A03D/BUMPB 1K Bumper Bar - Black  1K Bumper Bar - Black SDS
A03D/BUMPG 1K Bumper Bar - Grey 1K Bumper Bar - Grey SDS
A03D/FLEX Flex Additive (Acrylic)  Flex Additive (Acrylic) SDS
A03D/FLEX2K 2K Flex Additive 2K Flex Additive SDS
A03D/PP Plastic Primer  Plastic Primer SDS
A03D/PPLV Low VOC Plastic Primer  Low VOC Plastic Primer SDS
A03D/PPS Plastic Primer (Silver)  Plastic Primer (Silver) SDS
A03D/2KBBLACK 2K Bumper Bar Paint Black  2K Bumper Bar Paint Black SDS
A03D/2KBEA 2K Bumper Bar EA Grey  2K Bumper Bar EA Grey SDS
A03D/2KBVN 2K Bumper Bar VN Grey  2K Bumper Bar VN Grey SDS
A03D/ASATBLK Acrylic Satin Black  Acrylic Satin Black SDS
A03D/ASATEA Acrylic Satin EA Grey Acrylic Satin EA Grey SDS
A03D/ASATVN Acrylic Satin VN Grey Acrylic Satin VN Grey SDS
A03D/TEXTB 1K Bumper Texture Black  1K Bumper Texture Black SDS
A03D/2KBARPR HS Bar 2K Primer Grey  HS Bar 2K Primer Grey SDS
A03D/2KBARPHARD Bar Primer Hardener (4:1)  Bar Primer Hardener (4:1) SDS
A03D/STAT Antistatic Cleaner (Plastic)  Antistatic Cleaner (Plastic) SDS
A03D/STATLV Antistatic Cleaner (Low VOC)  Antistatic Cleaner (Low VOC) SDS