Spray Chief

Our Spray Chief range produces unique high quality automotive refinishing paints and products with a focus on stunning colours and effects, such as fluorescent, rainbow and pearl finishes. Please see the Safety Data Sheets below on our Spray Chief range.
SC41210110001 Candy Apple Gold Basecoat Candy_Apple_Gold_Basecoat-SDS_-_Aust
SC41210140001 Candy Apple Yellow Basecoat Candy_Apple_Yellow_Basecoat-SDS_-_Aust
SC41220110001 Candy Apple Burnt Orange Basecoat


SC41220120001 Candy Apple Brandy Wine Basecoat  
SC41220190001 Candy Apple Tangerine Basecoat  
SC41230140001 Candy Apple Red Basecoat  
SC41230180001 Candy Apple Violet Basecoat  
SC41240070001 Candy Apple Regal Blue Basecoat  
SC41240090001 Candy Apple Royal Blue Basecoat  
SC41250130001 Candy Apple Green Basecoat  
SC41270100001 Candy Apple Cherry Black Basecoat  
SC41280100001 Micro Silver Basecoat  
SC41280110001 Silver Base Basecoat  
SC41210160001 Fluro Yellow Basecoat  
SC41220250001 Fluro Orange Basecoat  
SC41230390001 Fluro Pink Basecoat  
SC41230400001 Fluro Red Basecoat  
SC41240460001 Fluro Blue Basecoat  
SC41250170001 Fluro Green Basecoat  
SC41230330001 SHIM'R Violet Basecoat  
SC41230410001 SHIM'R Red Basecoat  
SC41240220001 SHIM'R Aqua Basecoat  
SC41240270001 SHIM'R Blue Basecoat  
SC41250180001 SHIM'R Green Basecoat  
SC49110560.25 491 Metal Flake - .008 Dark Gold 627  
SC49130830.25 491 Metal Flake - .008 Fire Red 601  
SC49140570.25 491 Metal Flake - .008 Beyond Blue 617  
SC49150310.25 491 Metal Flake - .008 Emerald Green 623  
SC49180170.25 491 Metal Flake - .008 CTD Silver 615  
SC49180180.25 491 MEetal Flake - .015 CTD Silver 615