Unicote 300


The Unicote 300 Universal Coating System is a unique colour system that allows ten different paint types to be produced from one set of tinters. Using the one tinter set, containing 23 tinters, nearly 15, 000 colours can be formulated in ten different binders or paint types.


G/301  Unicote 301 Rapid Dry Enamel 4LT, 20LT
G/302 Unicote 302 Quick Dry Enamel 4LT, 20LT
G/303 Unicote 303 Auto Enamel  4LT
G/304 Unicote 304 2K PU 4LT, 20LT
G/305 Unicote 305 Epoxy Urethane 4LT, 20LT
G/306 Unicote 306 Acrylic Lacquer 4LT, 20LT
G/307 Unicote 307 Iso Free Acrylic Urethane 4LT, 20LT
G/308 Unicote 308 Vinyl  4LT, 20LT
G/309 Unicote 309 2K Epoxy 4LT, 20LT
G/310 Unicote 310 Premium Acrylic Urethane Base 4LT, 20LT
G/314 Unicote 314 Slow 2K PU 4LT, 20LT
G/315 Unicote 315 (HS) 2K PU  20LT
G/322 Unicote 322 QD Economy Enamel  20LT
G/324  Unicote 324 2K PU (Economy)  20LT 
G/330 Unicote 330 1K Etch Primer Base 4LT
G/334 Unicote 334 2K PU Primer Base 4LT
G/339 Unicote 339 2K Epoxy Primer Base 4LT