Factory Mixed Colours

Our Factory Mixed Colours are characterised by excellent flow, producing a high gloss, chemically resistant film and two pack performance and durability. Please see the Safety Data Sheets below on our Factory Mixed Colours.
A06C/MIXTAXIO Taxi Orange (4:1)  Taxi Orange (4:1) SDS
A06C/MIXGY 402 QD Golden Yellow  402 QD Golden Yellow SDS
A06C/MIXNYC 402 QD New Cat Yellow 402 QD New Cat Yellow SDS
A06C/MIXP.O 402 QD PO Red 402 QD PO Red SDS
A06C/MIXSB 402 QD Sapphire Blue 402 QD Sapphire Blue SDS
A06C/MIXX15 402 QD Orange X15 402 QD Orange X15 SDS
A06C/MIXN52 402 QD Mid Grey N52 402 QD Mid Grey N52 SDS