Our Thinners are added to lacquer substances to reduce their viscosity to sprayable consistency. Please see the Safety Data Sheets below on our Thinner range.
AU83192000001 2K Thinner 2K Thinner SDS
AU83191000004 2K Thinner - Slow 2K Thinner - Slow SDS
AU83193000004 2K Thinner - Fast 2K Thinner - Fast SDS
AU83292000001 Univeral 2K Thinner Univeral 2K Thinner SDS
AU80391000004 Slow Basecoat Reducer Slow Basecoat Reducer SDS
AU80392000001 Basecoat Reducer Basecoat Reducer SDS
AU03690000001 Wax & Grease Remover  Wax & Grease Remover SDS
AU03790000001 2K Wax & Grease Remover  2K Wax & Grease Remover SDS
AU80190000001 801 Acetone  Acetone SDS
A08C/LVRED Zero VOC Reducer (Normal)  Zero VOC Reducer (Normal) SDS
A08C/LVREDS Zero VOC Reducer (Slow)  Zero VOC Reducer (Slow) SDS
AU03890000001 Wax & Grease Remover Low VOC  Wax & Grease Remover Low VOC SDS
AU80992000001 NM Reducer NM Reducer SDS
AU80991000004 NM Reducer Slow  NM Reducer Slow SDS
AU80292000001 Acrylic Thinner  Acrylic Thinner SDS
AU80592000001 Fadeout Thinner  Fadeout Thinner SDS
AU80892000001 Multi-Thinner  Multi-Thinner SDS
AU81092000001 Retarder Thinner Retarder Thinner SDS
AU03590000004 035 Gunwash  Gunwash SDS
A08C/BASECON Basecoat Acrylic Converter   
IN80492000001 804 Enamel Thinner  804 Enamel Thinner SDS
IN83192000020 831 2K Thinner Normal 831 2K Thinner Normal SDS
IN83191000020 831 2K Thinner Slow  831 2K Thinner Slow SDS
IN83193000020 831 2K Thinner Fast 831 2K Thinner Fast SDS
IN80592000020 805 QD Thinner Fast 805 QD Thinner Fast SDS
AU04690000020 Methylated Spirits Methylated Spirits SDS
IN81292000001 812 Brushable Enamel Thinner 812 Brushable Enamel Thinner SDS
IN85292000004 852 QD Electrostatic Thinner 852 QD Electrostatic Thinner SDS
IN85492000004 854 PU Electrostatic Thinner 854 PU Electrostatic Thinner SDS
AU88092000001 Q17 UV Thinner