Timber Finishes

Our Timber range is designed for use over a variety of wooden substrates. Please see the Technical Data Sheets below on our Timber range.
A15/1KSEALER 1K Timber Sealer 1K Timber Sealer TDS
A15/2KSEALER 2K Timber Sealer (4:1) 2K Timber Sealer (4:1) TDS
A15/2KSEALERHARD 2K Timber Sealer Hardener 2K Timber Sealer Hardener TDS
A15/1KPRIMER 1K Timber Primer  1K Timber Primer TDS
A15/2KPRIMER 2K Timber Primer (4:1)  2K Timber Primer (4:1) TDS
A15/2KPRIMHARD 2K Timber Primer Hardener 2K Timber Primer Hardener TDS
A15/100AW Full Gloss Acrylic White  Full Gloss Acrylic White TDS
A15/30AW 30% Gloss Acrylic White  30% Gloss Acrylic White TDS
A15/50AW 50% Gloss Acrylic White 50% Gloss Acrylic White TDS
A15/2KBLK 2K Timber Black (2:1)  2K Timber Black (2:1) TDS
A15/100CLEAR Full Gloss Acrylic Clear  Full Gloss Acrylic Clear TDS
A15/30CLEAR 30% Gloss Acrylic Clear  30% Gloss Acrylic Clear TDS
A15/50CLEAR 50% Gloss Acrylic Clear  50% Gloss Acrylic Clear TDS
A15/2KWHT 2K Timber White (2:1) Full Gloss 2K Timber White (2:1) Full Gloss TDS
A15/2KCLEAR 2K Timber Clear (2:1)  2K Timber Clear (2:1) TDS
A15/2K30CLEAR 30% Gloss 2K Timber Clear (2:1)  30% Gloss 2K Timber Clear (2:1) TDS
A15/2KSATCLR 2K Satin Timber Clear (2:1)  2K Satin Timber Clear (2:1) TDS
A15/2KHARD 2K Timber Hardener (2:1)  2K Timber Hardener (2:1) TDS
A15/LACTHIN Lacquer Thinner Lacquer Thinner TDS
A15/2KTHIN 2K Thinner  2K Thinner TDS