Hardeners & Additives

Our Hardeners and Additives are designed for ease of use with improved cure rate, hardness and chemical resistance to enamel. Please see the Technical Data Sheets below on our Hardeners and Additives range.
A04C/SILIC Silicone Drop Silicone Drop TDS
A04C/2KACC 2 Pack Accelerator 2 Pack Accelerator TDS
A04C/2KACCLV LV 2K Accelerator  LV 2K Accelerator TDS
A04C/2KTRANSHARD 2K Transparent Sealer Hardener 2K Transparent Sealer Hardener TDS
A04C/SC Speed Clear Hardener Speed Clear Hardener TDS
A04C/310HARDN 310 Premium Hardener Normal 310 Premium Hardener Normal TDS
A04C/310HARDS 310 Premium Hardener Slow  310 Premium Hardener Slow TDS
A04C/310HARDF 310 Premium Hardener Fast 310 Premium Hardener Fast TDS
A04C/EP41 EP41 Primer Hardener EP41 Primer Hardener TDS
A04C/EP41F EP41 Primer Hardener Fast EP41 Primer Hardener Fast TDS
A04C/UNIMSS Universal (MS) Slow Hardener Universal (MS) Slow Hardener TDS
A04C/UNIMSN Universal (MS) Normal Hardener Universal (MS) Normal Hardener TDS
A04C/UNIMSF Universal (MS) Fast Hardener Universal (MS) Fast Hardener TDS
A04C/UNIMSSF Universal (MS) Super Fast Hardener Universal (MS) Super Fast Hardener TDS
A04C/PRIMH Primer Hardener Primer Hardener TDS
A04C/PRIMHF Primer Hardener Fast Primer Hardener Fast TDS
A04C/PRIMHINF Infra-Red Primer Hardener Infra-Red Primer Hardener TDS
A04C/MS22 MS-22 Hardener MS-22 Hardener TDS
A04C/MS22S MS-22 Hardener - Slow MS-22 Hardener - Slow TDS
A04C/MS22F MS-22 Hardener - Fast MS-22 Hardener - Fast TDS
A04C/MS22XF MS-22 Hardener - Extra Fast MS-22 Hardener - Extra Fast TDS
AU74292000001 Eurolak Hardener Eurolak Hardener TDS
A04C/EUPRIMH Europrima Hardener Europrima Hardener TDS
AU14892000.25 Euroflash Primer Hardener  Euroflash Primer Hardener TDS
AU14392000001 HS-PRO Primer Hardener  HS-PRO Primer Hardener TDS  
A04C/BBLEND Basecoat Blend Control (BBC) Basecoat Blend Control (BBC) TDS
A04C/CAP Concept Adhesion Promoter (C.A.P) Concept Adhesion Promoter (C.A.P) TDS
A04C/PRIMHLV LV Primer Hardener (Zero VOC) LV Primer Hardener (Zero VOC) TDS
A04C/GRAF 043 Anti-Graffiti Additive  043 Anti-Graffiti Additive TDS
A04C/GRAFC 045 Graffiti Cleaner  045 Graffiti Cleaner TDS
A04C/EPOXYHARD 136 EU Hardener 136 EU Hardener TDS
A04C/EPOXYHARDS 136 EU Hardener Slow 136 EU Hardener Slow TDS
A04C/ISOPHARD 138 ISO Free Hardener 138 ISO Free Hardener TDS
A04C/141N 141 EP Hardener Normal  141 EP Hardener Normal TDS
A04C/141F 141 EP Hardener Fast 141 EP Hardener Fast TDS
A04C/213N 213 Hardener Normal 213 Hardener Normal TDS
A04C/213S 213 Hardener Slow 213 Hardener Slow TDS
A04C/213F 213 Hardener Fast 213 Hardener Fast TDS
A04C/213SF 213 Hardener Super Fast 213 Hardener Super Fast TDS
A04C/4:1 241 PU Hardener (4:1) Normal 241 PU Hardener (4:1) Normal TDS
A04C/4:1F 241 PU Hardener (4:1) Fast 241 PU Hardener (4:1) Fast TDS
A04C/4:1S 241 PU Hardener (4:1) Slow 241 PU Hardener (4:1) Slow TDS
A04C/UNIEH 302 Enamel Hardener 302 Enamel Hardener TDS
A04C/305N 305 Hardener Refer to 305 Base TDS for Instructions 
A04C/307HARD 307 ISO Free Hardener 307 ISO Free Hardener TDS
A04C/309HARD 309 Epoxy Hardener 309 Epoxy Hardener TDS
A04C/8:1 324 Hardener (8:1) Refer to 324 Mixed Colour TDS for Instructions