Spray Chief

Our Spray Chief range produces unique high quality automotive refinishing paints and products with a focus on stunning colours and effects, such as fluorescent, rainbow and pearl finishes. Please see the Technical Data Sheets below on our Spray Chief range.
A16/ Candy Apple Basecoat Candy Apple Basecoat TDS
A16/ Candy Apple Basecoat - Rainbow Finish Candy Apple Basecoat - Rainbow Finish TDS
A16/ 2K Candy Apple (2:1) 2K Candy Apple (2:1) TDS
A16/ 2K Candy Apple (2:1) Rainbow Finish 2K Candy Apple (2:1) Rainbow Finish TDS
A16/MSCOB Micro Silver Basecoat Micro Silver Basecoat TDS
A16/SBCOB Silver Basecoat Silver Basecoat TDS
A16/MS2:1 2K Micro Silver (2:1) 2K Micro Silver (2:1) TDS
A16/SB2:1 2K Silver Base (2:1) 2K Silver Base (2:1) TDS
A16/ Candy Pearl Basecoat Candy Pearl Basecoat TDS
A16/ Black Pearl Basecoat Black Pearl Basecoat TDS
A16/ 2K Black Pearl 2K Black Pearl TDS
A16/ Fluro Basecoat Fluro Basecoat TDS
A16/ 2K Fluro (2:1)  2K Fluro (2:1) TDS
A16/ Shim'r Basecoat Shim'r Basecoat TDS
A16/ Shim'r Metallic Basecoat Shim'r Metallic Basecoat TDS
A16/ 2K Shim'r Metallic (2:1) 2K Shim'r Metallic (2:1) TDS
A16/ Clear Pearl Basecoat Clear Pearl Basecoat TDS
A16/SP2:1 2K Snow Pearl (2:1) 2K Snow Pearl (2:1) TDS
A16/SS2:1 2K Super Snow (2:1) 2K Super Snow (2:1) TDS
A16/ Marble Finish Marble Finish TDS
A16/1KETBL 1K Etch Primer (Black) 1K Etch Primer (Black) TDS
A16/PRIM Acrylic Primer (Black) Acrylic Primer (Black) TDS
A16/EP41 Epoxy Primer (4:1) Epoxy Primer (4:1) TDS
A16/2:1HARDMS 2:1 MS Hardener 2:1 MS Hardener TDS
A16/JETB Jet Acrylic Black Jet Acrylic Black TDS
A16/WHT2:1 2K White (2:1) 2K White (2:1) TDS
A16/BLK2:1 2K Black (2:1) 2K Black (2:1) TDS
A16/CLR Acrylic Clear Acrylic Clear TDS
A16/CLR4:1 2K Clear (4:1) 2K Clear (4:1) TDS
A16/HSCLR 2K Clear (HS) 2:1  2K Clear (HS) 2:1 TDS
A16/2KMATTCLR 2K Matt Clear (2:1) 2K Matt Clear (2:1) TDS
A16/2KSATCLR 2K Satin Clear (2:1) 2K Satin Clear (2:1) TDS
A16/STABCOB Basecoat Stabiliser Basecoat Stabiliser TDS
A16/2KTHIN 2K Thinner 2K Thinner TDS
A16/ACR Acrylic Thinner Acrylic Thinner TDS
A16/BCTHIN Basecoat Reducer Basecoat Reducer TDS
A16/MF008 Metal Flake .008 Metal Flake .008 TDS
A16/MF015 Metal Flake .015 Metal Flake .015 TDS
A16/ Spray Kit - Candy Apple Basecoat Spray Kit - Candy Apple Basecoat TDS
A16/ Anti-Graffiti Additive Anti-Graffiti Additive TDS