No Mix LV


NO MIX LV is a Low VOC Automotive Refinish Colour System. It is an ‘eco-friendly’, VOC-compliant, clear over base (C.O.B) tinting system that requires NO MIXING or stirring of the tints prior to mixing colours.

It is characterised by superior colour strength, depth and flow properties and ease of colour matching.

A17/LV01 LV-01 Black 1LT
A17/LV02 LV-02 Blue 1LT
A17/LV03 LV-03 Bright Blue 1LT
A17/LV04 LV-04 Bright Gold 1LT
A17/LV05 LV-05 Bright Red 1LT
A17/LV06 LV-06 Custard 250ML
A17/LV07 LV-07 Copper 1LT
A17/LV08 LV-08 Vivid Magenta  1LT
A17/LV09 LV-09 Raven Black 1LT
A17/LV10 LV-10 Deep Black 1LT
A17/LV11 LV-11 Cobalt Blue 1LT
A17/LV12 LV-12 Maroon 1LT
A17/LV13 LV-13 Deep Maroon 1LT
A17/LV14 LV-14 Garnet 1LT
A17/LV16 LV-16 Green Blue 1LT
A17/LV17 LV-17 Green Gold 250ML
A17/LV18 LV-18 Grey Black 250ML
A17/LV19 LV-19 Empress Black 1LT
A17/LV20 LV-20 Light Red Oxide 1LT
A17/LV21 LV-21 Lime 1LT
A17/LV22 LV-22 Magenta 1LT
A17/LV23 LV-23 Midnight Blue 1LT
A17/LV24 LV-24 Red Gold 1LT
A17/LV25 LV-25 Red Maroon 1LT
A17/LV26 LV-26 Vivid Orange  1LT
A17/LV27 LV-27 Ruby 1LT
A17/LV28 LV-28 Turquoise 1LT
A17/LV29 LV-29 Midnight Black 1LT
A17/LV30 LV-30 Violet 1LT
A17/LV31 LV-31 White 1LT
A17/LV32 LV-32 Yellow Gold 1LT
A17/LV33 LV-33 Yellow Ochre 1LT
A17/LV34 LV-34 Special Violet 1LT
A17/LV35 LV-35 Port Wine Red 1LT
A17/LV36 LV-36 Deep Blue 1LT
A17/LV37 LV-37 Special Deep Black 1LT
A17/LV38 LV-38 Special Red Maroon 1LT
A17/LV39 LV-39 HS Special Red 1LT
A17/LV41 LV-41 Reduced Black 1LT
A17/LV42 LV-42 Silk Silver 250ML
A17/LV43 LV-43 Silk Russet 250ML
A17/LV44 LV-44 Silk Gold 250ML
A17/LV45 LV-45 Silk Blue 250ML
A17/LV46 LV-46 Silk Red 250ML
A17/LV47 LV-47 Silk Green 250ML
A17/LV48 LV-48 Silk Copper 250ML
A17/LV51 LV-51 Red Yellow 1LT
A17/LV52 LV-52 Topaz 1LT
A17/LV53 LV-53 Organic Orange 1LT
A17/LV54 LV-54 Special Silver Bright Fine 1LT
A17/LV55 LV-55 Special Silver Course 1LT
A17/LV56 LV-56 Silver Dollar Bright Course 1LT
A17/LV57 LV-57 Silver Dollar Bright Fine 1LT
A17/LV59 LV-59 Metallic Additive 1LT
A17/LV60 LV-60 Stabiliser Additive 1LT
A17/LV61 LV-61 Effect White 1LT
A17/LV62 LV-62 HS Special White 1LT
A17/LV63 LV-63 HS Special Yellow 1LT
A17/LV65 LV-65 Fine Metallic 1LT
A17/LV66 LV-66 Medium Metallic 1LT
A17/LV67 LV-67 Coarse Metallic 1LT
A17/LV68 LV-68 Extra Fine Silver 1LT
A17/LV69 LV-69 Fine Silver 1LT
A17/LV70 LV-70 Silver 1LT
A17/LV71 LV-71 Medium Silver 1LT
A17/LV72 LV-72 Coarse Silver 1LT
A17/LV74 LV-74 Coarse Aluminium 1LT
A17/LV75 LV-75 Extra Coarse Aluminium 1LT
A17/LV77 LV-77 Fine White Pearl 1LT
A17/LV78 LV-78 White Sparkle Pearl 1LT
A17/LV80 LV-80 Yellow Pearl 1LT
A17/LV82 LV-82 Fine Yellow Gold Pearl 1LT
A17/LV83 LV-83 Orange Pearl 1LT
A17/LV86 LV-86 Copper Pearl 1LT
A17/LV87 LV-87 Bright Russet Pearl 1LT
A17/LV88 LV-88 Fine Russet Pearl 1LT
A17/LV89 LV-89 Blue Russet Pearl 250ML
A17/LV90 LV-90 Red Blue Pearl 1LT
A17/LV91 LV-91 Fine Blue Pearl 1LT
A17/LV92 LV-92 Green Blue Pearl 1LT
A17/LV93 LV-93 Fine Green Pearl 1LT
A17/LV95 LV-95 Blue Green Pearl 1LT
A17/LV96 LV-96 Red Pearl 1LT
A17/LV97 LV-97 Fine Silver Pearl 1LT
A17/LV98 LV-98 Fine Violet Pearl 1LT
A17/LV99 LV-99 Metallic Raiser 1LT
A17/LV101 LV-101 Red Candy 250ML
A17/LV102 LV-102 Brandy Wine Candy 250ML
A17/LV103 LV-103 Yellow Candy 250ML
A17/LV104 LV-104 Green Candy 250ML