Concept Paints,  Unicryl 3000 Acrylic System is a thermoplastic 1K acrylic topcoat designed for coating of automotive components. It is characterised by its high gloss and opacity, as well as excellent adhesion and durability.

C/3020 3020 Lemon Yellow 1LT, 4LT
C/3030 3030 Bright Metallic 1LT, 4LT
C/3040 3040 Bright Orange 1LT, 4LT
C/3050 3050 Bright Yellow 1LT, 4LT
C/3090 3090 Coarse Metallic 1LT, 4LT
C/3110 3110 Dark Oxide Red 1LT, 4LT
C/3120 3120 Deep Black 1LT, 4LT
C/3130 3130 Deep Blue 1LT, 4LT
C/3140 3140 Deep Red 1LT, 4LT
C/3150 3150 Diamond Metallic 1LT, 4LT
C/3160 3160 Fast Red 1LT
C/3170 3170 Flattening Base 1LT, 4LT
C/3180 3180 Green Blue 1LT, 4LT
C/3190 3190 Greenish Gold 1LT
C/3210 3210 Garnet 1LT
C/3220 3220 Light Oxide Red 1LT, 4LT
C/3230 3230 Lime 1LT, 4LT
C/3240 3240 Magenta 1LT, 4LT
C/3250 3250 Maroon Base 1LT
C/3260 3260 Medium Metallic 1LT, 4LT
C/3270 3270 Micro Metallic 1LT, 4LT
C/3280 3280 Mid Blue 1LT, 4LT
C/3290 3290 Mid Yellow 1LT, 4LT
C/3320 3320 Organic Orange 1LT, 4LT
C/3330 3330 Permanant Green 1LT, 4LT
C/3350 3350 Reddish Gold 1LT, 4LT
C/3360 3360 Red Maroon 1LT, 4LT
C/3370 3370 Reduced Black 1LT, 4LT
C/3380 3380 Reduced Green 1LT, 4LT
C/3390 3390 Reduced Red Oxide 1LT, 4LT
C/3440 3440 Reduced Blue 1LT, 4LT
C/3450 3450 Reduced Yellow Ochre 1LT, 4LT
C/3460 3460 Rich Brown 1LT
C/3470 3470 Rich Maroon 1LT, 4LT
C/3480 3480 Rich Red 1LT, 4LT
C/3490 3490 Solar Yellow 1LT
C/3560 3560 Transparent Maroon 1LT
C/3570 3570 Lush Blue 1LT, 4LT
C/3580 3580 Violet 1LT, 4LT
C/3590 3590 Yellowish Gold 1LT, 4LT
C/3660 3660 Yellow Ochre 1LT, 4LT
C/3690 3690 Extra Fine Aluminium 1LT, 4LT
C/3700 3700 Fine Aluminium 1LT, 4LT
C/3710 3710 Medium  Aluminium 1LT, 4LT
C/3720 3720 Coarse  Aluminium 1LT, 4LT
C/3800 3800 White Pearl 1LT
C/3810 3810 Lilac Pearl 1LT
C/3840 3840 Blueish Pearl 1LT
C/3850 3850 Yellowish Pearl 1LT
C/3860 3860 Russet Pearl 1LT
C/3870 3870 Green Pearl 1LT
C/3890 3890 Reddish Pearl 1LT
C/3991 3991 Control Additive 1LT, 4LT
C/3940 3940 Bright Red 1LT, 4LT
C/3950 3950 White Tinter 1LT, 4LT, 20LT
C/3990 3990 Hi-Op White 1LT, 4LT, 20LT