NO MIX is a clear over base (C.O.B) tinting system that requires NO MIXING or stirring of the tints prior to mixing colours.

It is characterised by superior colour strength and depth, as well as excellent flow properties and colour matching capability.

AU50000010001 NM-01 Black 1LT
AU50000020001 NM-02 Blue 1LT
AU50000030001 NM-03 Bright Blue 1LT
AU50000040001 NM-04 Bright Gold 1LT
AU50000050001 NM-05 Bright Red 1LT
AU50000060.25 NM-06 Custard 250ML
AU50000070001 NM-07 Copper 1LT
AU50000080001 NM-08 Vivid Magenta  1LT 
AU50000090001 NM-09 Raven Black  1LT 
AU50000100001 NM-10 Deep Black 1LT
AU50000110001 NM-11 Cobalt Blue 1LT
AU50000120001 NM-12 Maroon 1LT
AU50000130001 NM-13 Deep Maroon 1LT
AU50000140001 NM-14 Garnet 1LT
AU50000150001 NM-15 Green 1LT
AU50000160001 NM-16 Green Blue 1LT
AU50000170.25 NM-17 Green Gold 250ML
AU50000180.25 NM-18 Grey Black 250ML
AU50000190001 NM-19 Empress Black 1LT
AU50000200001 NM-20 Light Red Oxide 1LT
AU50000210001 NM-21 Lime 1LT
AU50000220001 NM-22 Magenta 1LT
AU50000230001 NM-23 Midnight Blue 1LT
AU50000240001 NM-24 Red Gold 1LT
AU50000250001 NM-25 Red Maroon 1LT
AU50000260.25 NM-26 Vivid Orange  250mL
AU50000270.25 NM-27 Ruby  250mL
AU50000280001 NM-28 Turquoise 1LT
AU50000290001 NM-29 Midnight Black 1LT
AU50000300001 NM-30 Violet 1LT
AU50000310001 NM-31 White 1LT
AU50000320001 NM-32 Yellow Gold 1LT
AU50000330001 NM-33 Yellow Ochre 1LT
AU50000340001 NM-34 Special Violet 1LT
AU50000350001 NM-35 Port Wine Red 1LT
AU50000360001 NM-36 Deep Blue 1LT
AU50000370001 NM-37 Special Deep Black 1LT
AU50000380001 NM-38 Special Red Maroon 1LT
AU50000390001 NM-39 HS Special Red 1LT
AU50000410001 NM-41 Reduced Black 1LT
AU50000420.25, AU50000420001  NM-42 Silk Silver 250ML, 1LT
AU50000430.25, AU50000430001 NM-43 Silk Russet 250ML, 1LT
AU50000440.25, AU50000440001 NM-44 Silk Gold 250ML, 1LT
AU50000450.25, AU50000450001 NM-45 Silk Blue 250ML, 1LT
AU50000460.25, AU50000460001 NM-46 Silk Red 250ML, 1LT
AU50000470.25, AU50000470001 NM-47 Silk Green 250ML, 1LT
AU50000480.25, AU50000480001   NM-48 Silk Copper 250ML, 1LT
AU50000510001 NM-51 Red Yellow 1LT
AU50000520001 NM-52 Topaz 1LT
AU50000530001 NM-53 Organic Orange 1LT
AU50000540001 NM-54 Special Silver Bright Fine 1LT
AU50000550001 NM-55 Special Silver Course 1LT
AU50000560001 NM-56 Silver Dollar Bright Course 1LT
AU50000570001 NM-57 Silver Dollar Bright Fine 1LT
AU50000590001 NM-59 Metallic Additive 1LT
AU50000600001 NM-60 Stabiliser Additive 1LT
AU50000610001 NM-61 Effect White 1LT
AU50000620001 NM-62 HS Special White 1LT
AU50000630001 NM-63 HS Special Yellow 1LT
AU50000650001 NM-65 Fine Metallic 1LT
AU50000660001 NM-66 Medium Metallic 1LT
AU50000670001 NM-67 Coarse Metallic 1LT
AU50000680001 NM-68 Extra Fine Silver 1LT
AU50000690001 NM-69 Fine Silver 1LT
AU50000700001 NM-70 Silver 1LT
AU50000710001 NM-71 Medium Silver 1LT
AU50000720001 NM-72 Coarse Silver 1LT
AU50000740001 NM-74 Coarse Aluminium 1LT
AU50000750001 NM-75 Extra Coarse Aluminium 1LT
AU50000770001 NM-77 Fine White Pearl 1LT
AU50000780001 NM-78 White Sparkle Pearl 1LT
AU50000800001 NM-80 Yellow Pearl 1LT
AU50000820001 NM-82 Fine Yellow Gold Pearl 1LT
AU50000830001 NM-83 Orange Pearl 1LT
AU50000860001 NM-86 Copper Pearl 1LT
AU50000870001 NM-87 Bright Russet Pearl 1LT
AU50000880001 NM-88 Fine Russet Pearl 1LT
AU50000890.25 NM-89 Blue Russet Pearl 250ML
AU50000900001 NM-90 Red Blue Pearl 1LT
AU50000910001 NM-91 Fine Blue Pearl 1LT
AU50000920001 NM-92 Green Blue Pearl 1LT
AU50000930001 NM-93 Fine Green Pearl 1LT
AU50000950001 NM-95 Blue Green Pearl 1LT
AU50000960001 NM-96 Red Pearl 1LT
AU50000970001 NM-97 Fine Silver Pearl 1LT
AU50000980001 NM-98 Fine Violet Pearl 1LT
AU50000990001 NM-99 Metallic Raiser 1LT
AU50001010.25 NM-101 Red Candy 250ML
AU50001020.25 NM-102 Brandy Wine Candy 250ML
AU50001030.25 NM-103 Yellow Candy 250ML
AU50001040.25 NM-104 Green Candy 250ML