Concept Unicolour 600 2K Solid System is a 2K solid tinting system. It incorporates a large range of colour formulations, with high opacity and excellent flow, producing a high gloss, chemical resistant film with excellent durability.

A11/601 601 Black 1LT, 4LT, 20LT
A11/602 602 Blue 1LT, 4LT
A11/603 603 Bright Blue 1LT, 4LT
A11/604 604 Bright Gold 1LT, 4LT
A11/605 605 Bright Red 1LT
A11/610 610 Deep Black 1LT, 4LT
A11/613 613 Deep Maroon 1LT, 4LT
A11/615 615 Green 1LT, 4LT
A11/620 620 Light Red Oxide 1LT, 4LT
A11/621 621 Lime 1LT, 4LT
A11/622 622 Magenta 1LT, 4LT
A11/623 623 Midnight Blue 1LT, 4LT
A11/625 625 Red Maroon 1LT, 4LT
A11/629 629 Solar Yellow 1LT
A11/630 630 Vioet 1LT 4LT
A11/631 631 White 1LT, 4LT, 20LT, 200LT
A11/633 633 Yellow Ochre 1LT, 4LT
A11/641 641 Reduced Black 1LT, 4LT
A11/642 642 Reduced Blue 1LT, 4LT
A11/643 643 Reduced Green  1LT, 4LT
A11/644 644 Reduced Light Red Oxide 1LT, 4LT
A11/645 645 Reduced Violet 1LT, 4LT
A11/646 646 Reduced Yellow Ochre 1LT, 4LT
A11/650 650 Primrose Yellow 1LT, 4LT
A11/651 651 Mid Yellow 1LT, 4LT
A11/652 652 Topaz 1LT, 4LT
A11/653 653 Bright Orange 1LT, 4LT
A11/658 658 Matting Agent 1LT, 4LT
A11/659 659 HS Special Red 1LT
A11/660 660 HS Special White 1LT, 4LT, 20LT
A11/661 661 HS Special Yellow 1LT
A11/664 664 Coarse Metallic 1LT
A11/665 665 Medium Metallic 1LT, 4LT